F.A.Q.s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: What is a co-op?
A: It can be a lot of things!  For us, it's an attempt at living a healthier and more sustainable life by purchasing household items/food collectively, as well as utilizing and embracing what each of us has to offer the community.  As our guest, you will have access to most all our community has to offer, including communal food/meals, appliances, and use of pretty much anything out in the open that doesn't have a name on it.

Q: Will it be noisy?
A: Sometimes!  People come over all the time, and we hope that you want to be a part of the commotion that comes with living in a co-op.  We're all pretty respectful of quiet hours, but you will hear people playing the piano, chanting from the kitchen, or collecting in the foyer.  Join in the merriment!

Q: What other spaces do I have access to?
A: There are a ton of communal areas shared by the house, which include an industrial kitchen, dining room, piano parlor, bike parking, living room, roof-top patio, side garden, laundry room, several bathrooms, and multiple other nooks throughout the house.

Q: Can I have guests over? 
Absolutely! Feel free to invite friends over to hang, cook, sleepover etc. If you'd like to book the sleeping space in the living room for an overnight guest, please check availability with a housemate. 

Q: Is cooking allowed? 
A: Yes!  We have commercial appliances and you are welcome to use any of our cookware or communal kitchen items to make things for yourself or to share with others.  We have a communal dinner every Monday night, which you should definitely join for!

Q: What's the neighborhood like?
A: We live on a residential street in Liberty Heights, a small offshoot of the Mission District.  Though we're very close to an abundance of restaurants, bars, galleries, etc., our street stays pretty quiet.

Q: Is the house near public transportation? 
A: Yes! There are several MUNI busses within a few blocks, as well as two Bart stops (high speed lightrail,) in case you'd like to visit other parts of the Bay Area. Ask me for more info, and I'd be happy to help you navigate around by bus!

 Q: Does the house get good sun? 
A: Definitely.  The house was designed so that every window gets sunlight at different times during the day.  If you'd like to bask in some direct sunlight, you can have a drink on the roof or take a nap in the garden.

Q: Are there any pets?
A: Yes, there are currently two sister cats (Sushi and  Monster,) who may want to cuddle with you.

Q: Is there parking nearby? 
There is usually some street parking around the house, but is limited to two hours during business hours.  San Francisco is a city best experienced on a bike, foot, or a bus, so I'd recommend leaving your car in a less populated neighborhood for the duration of your stay.  Alternatively, there are several attended parking lots throughout the city, that will cost you anywhere from $17 to $50 a day.

Q: Do you throw parties/events?  What are they like?
Since we live in such a beautiful and fragile house, we must take extra precautions when inviting groups of people into the house.  We'll let you know beforehand if we plan to have any larger-scale gatherings, but friends do stop by often, so you should be okay with having people and music around.  Some recurring events are movie nights, yoga, and barbeques.  These are usually free or donation-based and open to everyone.

Q: Is there internet? 
A: Yep!  We'll provide you with the password at the beginning of your stay.

Q: Where can I do my laundry? 
A: We have a free washer/dryer and communal detergent in the basement. 

Q: What are some of your favorite places to go in your neighborhood? 
A: We're one block from Dolores Park, a popular hangout for day drinking and getting sun, as well as near a few of my favorite drinking holes, and lots of great taquerias.  I'd be happy to send you a list of all my favorite places in each neighborhood or show you them if I have time. 

Q: Can I invite friends over? 
A: Sure, we love having people over!  Just give us a heads-up and please be aware that you are responsible for them while they're here.

Q: Can we smoke? 
A: We're 420-friendly but all tobacco must be smoked outside.